Home Ideas: Make Your Cat’s HomeHome Ideas: Make Your Cat’s Home

Most people are sure that setting up an apartment for a cat is quite simple: they leave a pet in their house and it’s done – a cat finds a place to sleep, eat and play. But that’s not true. To make your home cat-friendly, special skills and patience are needed. You need to keep in mind that a cat is a living being with its own habits and needs. A cat wants to sharpen claws, climb and jump. So you have to have everything to satisfy his needs.

You need to be ready for this and not get upset because of a broken vase or a finished sofa. It is important to make your home safe for a kitten. After a few tips, you can equip your house without extra time and money for a cat, and your pet will make you happy.

Cat tree

Before an mature kitten or cat enters a house for the first time and begins to scratch furniture and walls, you need to buy a high scratching post. As a rule, cats get used to their simulator and lose interest in scratching furniture.

If your cat likes the corner of the sofa, and no repellents help, you can give up and cover it with a dense material or attach a cat stand to it. In addition, you can wrap the rope around the chairs and table legs to create the scrape holders in different parts of your apartment.

Climbing wall for cats

Your cat tends to climb everywhere and explore every corner of your house. If you do not want to break your fragile things, you should allow your pet to climb on the playground of his own cat. If you live in a private house with several floors, the staircase can become your pet’s favorite place.

But if you live in an apartment without a mezzanine, a shelf or library is perfect for climbing. Remember that the construction should be well fixed, the surface of the shelf should be equipped with a non-slip coating. Make sure your cat can easily climb the shelves and take them out. If you are worried that you will not be able to arrange a great place to rest for your pet, there is a wide range of the best cat trees that meet your needs.

Place to eat

Your pet needs two bowls at once: a feeder and a bowl of water. If your cat eats mainly dry food, a bowl of water should be larger than a food, because your pet always drinks more. Shells should not slide on the ground or tip over. It is not necessary to buy a bowl with a low edge, as it often falls from such bowls.

The most common place to feed cats is a kitchen, but you might have another place to feed your pet. If you have a dog at home, it is better to place the bowl high so that the dog does not eat the cat food.

Cat Litter Box

Once you have a kitten at home, you need to teach him to meet his natural needs at the designated place. The owner should think carefully about the toilet for his pet. There can be many options. You can buy a special box with a grid that does not allow a cat to soak the paws, or a litter box that you can fill with a special odor-absorbing filler. The size of the cat box should be large enough to allow a cat to move freely.

Remember that when your kitten grows up, it’s better not to change the box. Place the cat box in a corner, away from the cat’s “canteen” and aisles. Place the cat box in a corner, away from the canteen and cat aisles. If there are a few cats in your apartment, you should have your own litter box. Cats are tidy animals, so keeping litter clean is an obligatory condition that all owners must fulfill.

Keep the windows closed and arrange the ” cat doors”

People do not think at all that cats can jump out of the window. Cats are hunters, and they are too impulsive. When a cat sees a bird, it can forget about the height and jump to catch feathers. You should always keep them closed if you have a cat in the House. You can only open them if a reliable grid protects the windows. Normally, mosquito nets may not support the weight of the cat, so you should always check and strengthen them.

If you want your cat to go out and come back when he wants, you should build “cat Gates”. There is a vent in the front door of your house, big enough to let your cat come and go. A plastic or rubber vent is attached to the hole that is carefully carved into the doors.

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