The Cute & Slow Loris: Deadly FleshThe Cute & Slow Loris: Deadly Flesh

The slow loris is the only toxic primate in the world, and scientists have always been curious about why they have the Venom rotted or how it is used. A new study has provided the answer: slow lories mainly use their rotten Venom to action against each other.

Fascinating Slow Loris
These fascinating nocturnal primates have won many fans around the world due to their kindness. Slow loris has nine species: Bengal, Borneo, larger, hill, Javan. Kayan, Philippine, Pygmy and Sody’s. these animals have forward-looking eyes and a man-like hand with an opposite thumb. It is believed that they ride slowly, but at night they run and can travel up to 8 kilometers each night.

Pregnancies are up to six months, and a baby weighs a handful of paper clips. Your second finger is reduced to gripping and you have one of the longest tongues of all primates. The elongated tongue is useful for drinking nectar.

Slow lories are now frightening by habitat loss and hunting for illegal animal trafficking and traditional medicine. It is believed that the slow loris cures 100 health isue.

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Meat Rot Venom
Slowly loris has powerful Venom as can kill, and he has no known cure. The glands under your armpits release harmful oil. When slow lorises lick their glands, the saliva mixes with the harmful oil and boils the Venom.

The Venom then filled their grooved canines. They can provide a nasty bite that is strong enough to pierce the bone. The toxin causes rotting of Bitten areas. Some lories were spotted with half their faces melted.

Primates that develop a Venom have long fascinated scientists. They originally believed that the Venom was used to defend against predators or to repel parasites.

In order to discover the use of slow Loris venom in the wild, the study team spent eight years in Java Indonesia to study the imperil Javan slow loris. The team spent 7,000 hours studying the behavior and health of lorises. Eighty-two lories were equipped with radio collars to track their movements. Each month, the team captured individuals to check the health of the lorises.

Slow Lorisse Action Against Each Other
The health checks of the study team found that 20% of all lorises had a fresh bite by other lorises. A third of females and 57% of males showed signs of an edge, while younger lorises had more bites than older lorises.

The results allowed the team to conclude that slow lorises are vicious and use Venom as a weapon of their choice. Men become aggressive when defending their comrades, while women protect their youth and food resources.

There are only five other mammals that use venom against their species: vampire bats, two Shrews, platypuses, soledons and living things in Central America.

Slow-loris can be adorable big-eyed primates, but you have to think twice to cuddle them, because their meat venom can rot not only the meat of manipulators, but also their loved ones.

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